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June 2, 2006 by schwarzmeecrob
Alright I'm back after a looooong absence. saw this article on Yahoo, just had to write something.

foie gras is already banned in california and chicago and now philadelphia wants to ban it too? ok, i mean sure, the ducks are force-fed etc...but that's been going on for a hell of a long time and why hasn't anyone said anything till now? its been a delicacy in French cuicine and now those nutty activsts want to ban it along with rabbit( Italian favourite) and lobster? what has this world come ...
October 12, 2005 by schwarzmeecrob
ok guys, pardon the very long absence but i'm back!

ok need your opinion on something just wrote a poem in a tribute to wine, tell me what you guys think ok?

For Wine:

numb me, oh sweet nectar of the vineyards,
for thou art my only true friend
thy juices fill my body, oh the excitement
the intoxication, the adrenaline
by the miracles of God thou does thy magic
from the great empire that was rome to the holy land that is judea
thy sorcery, thy charm that so ensnares and enchants,
September 8, 2005 by schwarzmeecrob
well hello again, after a bloody long absence from the blogging scene lazy old me decided to drag my arse back here. seems like a lot has gone on while i was gone, especially hot topics on hurricane katrina. well, us folks halfway round the world probably wont know how bad it is but from tv footage it sure looks darned. from what i heard we sent a fleet of chinooks down to help with the relief effort. we, well not us over here but our neighbours had just suffered from the reccent tsunami so well...
August 27, 2005 by schwarzmeecrob
with regard to my previous post, yes i live to fight another day. basically the whole thing was based around a tiff with my old man about my schooling. i wanted to transfer from a junior college to a polytechnic to do mass communications since i kinda like writing and advertising. but then that geezer had to come put me down..." you're good for nothing" "you're not creative" "you think you're smart?" "you're not a hands-on person, you hate maths, what else can you do?" "you think you're so smart...
August 26, 2005 by schwarzmeecrob
dear fellow bloggers,
with a heavy heart i make this announcement. due to certain family and personal issues, yours truly will be gone from tomorrow onwards. no longer will i be typing away sharing my experiences and insights with friends and acquaintences because i will not have any access to the internet. to all my online friends, forget me not. thank God for cybercafes i shall try to keep in contact. for the rest i guess this will be our last rencontre.

in the words of megadeth: a tout l...
August 24, 2005 by schwarzmeecrob
Today, while suffering from an aching arm due to a game of badminton, i headed down to the library and picked up a copy of "the spectator". great magazine i must add. and yes, i found something very very interesting: an article about multi-culturalism and Britain's self loathing written by Anthony Browne.

it basically spoke about how Britain, as it started to embrace cosmopolitanism more, it began to loose its identity, its sense of pride and achievement. it became a mere root-less melting po...
August 23, 2005 by schwarzmeecrob
first heard this news froma friend, then read it on the net.
as most of you who are somewhat interested in heavier music would know by now the hideous, childish act by ozzy fans led by the ultimate 2 dolalr cheap bitch sharon osbourne and their bratty poserish pig of a daughter kelly: those skanks actually dared disrupt and attempt to screw iron maiden! i shall not go into details i have provided a link above. all over the net maiden fans are outraged and more sensible sabbath, BLS fans shocke...
August 22, 2005 by schwarzmeecrob
finally, after enduring a craving for good ol'beer battered fish & chips i made my way down to My Chippys today. the heavenly moment when you pop down that golden brown calorie-laden fish that just days ago was swimming as a free creature in the ocean...oooohhhh. ok it ain't super fantastic but its the closest you can get to authentic fhish & chips here. hey, they even play brit music! so i mised school again on the not-so-valid but accepted excuse that they were just gonna do some lame activity...
August 21, 2005 by schwarzmeecrob
yes. nothing more perfect than that Extreme song to fit this marvellous occasion. yours truly is a free and happy man today! why? because i skipped hell! woohoo! what's the reason you ask? shouldnt school be about learning and fun? well in my contexts, no. school's all about lame, naive, backstabbing teens who couldnt care less about what's going on around the world today. all they're interested in is how to catch the next boyband at their airport and memorise chunks of dead textbooks so that th...
August 21, 2005 by schwarzmeecrob
aiight, its midnight. i'm awfully hungry to i opened the only available food product that was in the cupboard: a bag of "organic cheese nachos". what the hell? ok lets start with the packaging. first of all, its in in this really boring tone of light colours which looks like a faded postcard from mexico. second of all, the damned chips were bloody pale and hardly had any cheesey seasoning, tasteless! lastly, they're rock hard dammit! what is it with organic food anyway? it tastes bad, its pricey...
August 20, 2005 by schwarzmeecrob
ok, here i am at 3:25am in the morning trying to get a darned beatles song in my head. i just cant bloody remember how the opening lines sound like, geez. tomorrow's my first jam with the new band..sounds more like an audition but heck, it this works out looks like i've found myself a couple'o chaps who actually share the same love for classic/hard rock, especially 80s hair! although i don't like the beatles myself.... and yes we bloody abhore punk-junk like greenday. what the hell is wrong with...
August 19, 2005 by schwarzmeecrob
I just came across this article a few days ago on a local forum which i shall not name. the article: courtesy of AFP.

it was an account by the sister of a local political dissident about a peaceful, non-violent protest calling for more governmental transparency in seemingly "democratic" Singapore. a peaceful display by 4 people donning t-shirts and signboards which was broken by up a squadron of fully armed RIOT POLICE. yes i mean fully armed, gear and all. it was never really mentioned i...
August 19, 2005 by schwarzmeecrob
Hi all,

after reading an interesting post by Gideon and noticing how much political talk is going on here at JU, i've decided to post something too. No, its not some fancy theory about how bush and the oil corporations conspired to invade some far away land, its not about clinton's sex scandals, its about in existing problem, an issue which plagues all nations. Poverty. yes, surprisingly, even in the richest of nations there exists poor people. why? well, let's say it isn't an easy questio...
August 19, 2005 by schwarzmeecrob
Dear fellow bloggers,
as most of you might recall, a great great man was unjustly booted out of joe user. i am pleased to announce that the honorary Sir Peter Maxwell is still alive and kickin! now, in liason with i'll be publishing his manifestos and rhetorical speeches right here on my blog. Sir Peter might come across to some of you vile peasants as racist, ignorant, foul-mouthed and lecherous but the man does make a lot of sense! he is the very embodiment of of free speech and fre...
August 19, 2005 by schwarzmeecrob
vendredi, 19 aout, 2005
yes this is the real 19th of august the previous article was written in the God forsaken hours of pitch dark morning.

today..hmm..the 2nd day i skipped school on a stupid excuse. who cares?

man i woke up feeling uber weak and giddy, as usual. somehow my bodyclock has again resumed to holiday mode function..i'm leading a lifestyle old count dracula would most certainly have approved of, well except the blood bit. so here i am at 6pm blogging away on a blog th...